Road Technology castings out of Ductile iron, Stainless steel, Grey iron and aluminum for:

  • Roads & Bridges
  • Breweries & Manufacturing Plants
  • Housing & Industrial Estates
  • Banks & Office Buildings
  • Marine Ports and Air Ports

These castings include:

  • Manhole Frames & Covers
  • Inlet Frames & Gratings
  • Combination Inlets
  • Seaport & Airport Castings
  • Roll & Gutter Inlets
  • Bridge Scuppers
  • Drainage Grates
  • Bollards & Landscaping Gratings

Find attached our standard product range catalogue.

Note that we are in a position to create new designs according to your requirements & specifications. All products are made to BS EN 124 European Standard and ASTM 439-83:2009 Standard.

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We provide a broad range of castings out of globally accepted and recognized materials.

Grey Irons, Ductile Irons, High Chrome Irons, Ni-Hard Steels, Moly Chrome Steels, Martensitic Steels, Stainless Steels (heat and corrosion resistant), Manganese Steels

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